Effect of covid19 in COPD victims!

  With the devastating impact that COVID-19 will wear on the respiratory organ, it’s natural to concern for patients with underlying COPD. Estimating their excess risk for getting COVID-19 and, in particular, it’s a lot of severe metabolic process manifestations has been difficult exercise during this pandemic for many reasons.   The cases which are stated have concentrated on hospitals and medical care unit patients, rather than on minor, casualty cases. This is in part also due to the inconsistency in testing tactics across the planet, where some nations with stricter challenging requirements and rare difficult resources have focused on testing only those requiring hospitalization. We have also not yet calculated how many COPD patients might have chosen never to present to a hospital in this epidemic, only to consequently appear in the statistics for extra mortality during this time. It is well recognized that COPD patients are vulnerable to viral exacerbations and current evid